The DWAP Welded Metal Art
Four Roses
The DWAP Welded Metal Art
The DWAP Welded Metal Art
Dory Fish
The DWAP Welded Metal Art
Jeep Motorcycle
The DWAP Welded Metal Aert
Wine Bottle
The DWAP Welded Metal Art
The Second Motorcyle
The DWAP Welded Metal Art
Live Edge Coffee Table
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Welcome to the DWAP Welded Metal Art website. I’ve recently revised this site with the intent of collaborating with others in a discussion forum that focuses on welded metal art. The topic of discussion will be presented in the site’s blog and include input in the form of comments (discussion forum). Photo-evidence of the efforts to implement the recommended or suggested methods will be progressively included in the related posts. The site will continue to contain the accumulation of the ‘rat rod’ style welded metal art projects that were made in my garage/welding shop at my home which started in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, but has moved – a few times – and currently resides in South Carolina. Sometimes it’s not just about the project but about the journey. The initial part of my journey involved making a website. The secondary part of the journey involved evaluating the initial part of the journey … and a necessary revision of the intention of the site. If there is a question about the website name – I could respond “… why not?” However, the real reason probably best falls along the lines of: 1) I didn’t know what to name it or the direction to take with it when I first started the site, and 2) all the really cool names were already taken. In any case, I had fun (for the most part) making the items posted on this site. Enjoy!


theDWAP-2020-Mini cat-welded-metal-art

Here kitty-kitty

In case you haven’t already heard it, there is a slightly comical joke related to this: “Here kitty-kitty” is the last thing heard before someone

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theDWAP-2020-Chain heart-welded-metal-art

Yard Heart

Ok, it’s siting in my garage, but it’s yard art, really! Another instance of running out of the dreaded TIG gas … so the MIG

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Yiminy Cricket

Well Yim-dog darnit! It’s not a dog or puppy or canine of any sort … yes, it’s a cricket! And it only took the scavenging

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Gerry the Springer

Yes, it’s a Springer Spaniel pup named Gerry – and any potentially related names or correlations to names is purely (intentionally) coincidental. It may more

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