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Welded metal art spring puppy

Gerry the Springer

Welded metal art spring puppy

Yes, it’s a Springer Spaniel pup named Gerry – and any potentially related names or correlations to names is purely (intentionally) coincidental. It may more closely resemble a Dachshund, so lets just go with it being a metal mutt. Another creation with inspiration that came from the good ole’ internet. The body is a scavenged engine valve spring. Cap screws tediously welded to the ends of the spring, served as the legs. That portion of welding was interesting as the spring started to ‘unwind’ as it heated from the welding. That special challenge involved keeping the legs in a non-hiking position (i.e., a canine urinating position). The peeing dog art form is not in high demand based on my research (although it may go well with if you have a “Dogs Playing Poker” painting in your house). A piece from an automobile spring expander (for those hot rod-er’s out there) was used as the puppy head. That worked really well as it represented a great snout. I found a piece of scrap metal and shaped it into a puppy tongue – the piece was shaping up nicely! Tabs from a nut retainer were cut an used for the puppy ears and a wood screw was welded on for a tail. Well, while afflicted, I considered it unfair to have a blind Dachshund Spaniel, so I welded small metal screws on the head for eyes. The most important part for a dog – the nose – obviously needed attention. After much searching and gnashing (of something), I reverted to a blob of feed metal for the nose bump.. It was now officially a dog-thing., But a strong representation of a dog. I hope this one remains in the US so it doesn’t become a candidate for a delicious, wild flavor cuisine (a crunchy on at that). Overall, Gerry was a quickie project and I had fun making it.

In terms of days (you know, in long ago 2020), that was the old days. I now have a newly designed shop that consists of the garage in my recently purchased home (basically my old shop turned 90 degrees). But it’s not a rental. Yeah, look ma’, no rent! To reiterate a point made, likely over a year ago, one of the challenges in making welded metal art is responding to requests. In the case of my versions, everything is one-off and made from materials that just happen to work and fit together at the time to make the design of the moment. I have yet to actually buy any metal used in the pieces that I have made. All my metal has been collected from others who are scrapping or throwing away ‘junk’ metal. So responding to a request to “make me one of those” is definitely a challenge. The upside is that everything is completely unique and original. There is no downside as I’ve generally enjoyed getting from wherever this started to here.

As I wrap up another post, the question that comes to mind is: “Are you not entertained?!?” Kind of a serious question … I hope any followers of this site are. I have received some feedback and I will always graciously receive (or ignore, as applicable) all feedback. I have watched other’s videos and checked out their posts/sites, so I’m getting a better feel for some continued revisions to this site. It may be evident that I’m not afraid of “worms” (or words – Roxanne … a line from a movie). Grammar and sentence structure you ask? Well, maybe I consider that a little over-rated. And how about that spelling autocorrect feature, huh?! ‘Nuff said! On to the point: I’m working it as I head this site in a new direction. I have pretty thick skin, but I hope to continue to receive ‘friendly’ input and feedback. So until the next time I will say (again) – Weld On!