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Welded metal art cat

Here kitty-kitty

theDWAP-2020-Mini cat-welded-metal-art
Welded metal art cat

In case you haven’t already heard it, there is a slightly comical joke related to this: “Here kitty-kitty” is the last thing heard before someone (possibly me) gets bitten by a possum. Of course, the situation occurs at night … and also likely involves a beverage of some sort. This is art that I deem cute and ‘sloppy’ (don’t call someone’s art ugly – that gets personal). I saw one online and decided to make one. TiG welding on a minute (pronounced – my-nute, in this case) scale is a very challenging endeavor. The effort included collecting some spare nuts, bolts and screws and fashioning the little fella with some ‘sparkly heat’. Adding some wire-like material for the whiskers and tail (and what a pain to weld) and some shaped flat metal for the ears, and the cat was given life!

OK, I’m totally out of practice at posting so I’m winging it here. I’m interested in thoughts on creativity versus skills. I continue to stick to the rat-rod style description because I continue to work on the skills. I guess you could say I like the ‘rustic look’, basically because I’m at my limit on skills (although I have the creativity). I can blame it on creating in a home garage with limited production machinery, which does impact the look of my art (although I do like buying tools – so my machinery ensemble continues to improve), but it really comes down to honing my skill. I will continue to work on the welding skills. I enjoy the challenges I present myself although small and tight welding is really, well, challenging.

So there’s that! It’s hard to believe that this project was completed over 2 years ago. So, time has passed and things have happened since this cute little kitty was adopted out to a new home. The timeline story is an intoxicating adventure of traversing life during which things were bought, sold, websites went down, and then returned to service, and wow, did some things change (can you say Holy Inflation Batman?!). I am in the process of a serious change of scenery, so the shop has been packed up and is currently in storage. Next year will be the start of a very new and exciting venture with the establishment of a new shop in an exotic location. Until the next new project or post, chin up, and Weld On!