I’m just a guy with a welder (or two) and some creativity. I am not a trained welder and generally learn something new about metals and welding with every project. My only previous exposure to welding was with a stick arc welder years ago. Obviously flux-core, MIG and TIG welders/welding are a better fit for the scale of projects posted on this site – I know this to be the case because I read about it on the internet. Needless to say I was and continue to be on a very steep learning curve in this welding (ad)venture. Ultimately, I do it because I can, because making sparks is pretty cool, and because I enjoy the challenge of visualizing a project and creating it from scrap metal. I guess that it can be considered metal recycling with an artistic twist. But this is a ‘rat rod’ version of welding metal art. I take metal that is otherwise considered junk and cut, grind, bend, melt or weld it into another form. I do enjoy it when the end product can be generally identified by shape, form, or function. All the other less identifiable products will just fall into the category of abstract art, and quite possibly go back into the recycle pile. This Web Page is just another in the line of things I am doing … because I can. Most importantly, I am having a very good time creating these projects (well, other than the occasional hot metal burn or small residual fire) and enjoy expanding my horizons at every opportunity. Thanks for visiting!