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Kart chain snake

Shop Slither-er (aka George)

theDWAP-2020-Chain snake-welded-metal-art


Kart chain snake

Hello all … or anyone still listening/reading. It’s time for some form of non-verbal release (I mean writing – get your mind out of the gutter). I’ve always enjoyed writing as an outlet – yeah, that’s not true; how about in the last 5 years, I’ve enjoyed writing as an outlet? No? I’m just gonna go with – Since I started this website, I write things and maybe it’s an outlet … whew! I hope the rest of this post isn’t as painful to write. In any case, it’s pretty danged cold in my area and I’ve run out of Netflix movie ideas. This post has been in draft mode for … a long time? Try to keep up as I pick up where I left off (enter the Wayne’s World flashback fade-in)~~~

I’m running out of snake project title ideas … I’m about to incorporate the Rocky (or Halloween) movie numbering system to name the ‘sequel’ projects for my posts. (At the time of this writing) I had already considered: shop snake, kart chain snake (chain snake was already taken), slithery snake (I can’t believe that cleared the spell checker), and finally, George. So, I’m just going to go with the made-up word (see above, with the added hyphen to clear the spell check thingy) to complete the title of this post. And what do you know, I’m actually not waiting 6 months between posts (voice-over 1 … uh, this was true at some point)! As I ponder a very new and exciting life change (voice-over 2 … interesting – this was quite a while ago … it’s way more exciting now, but we’ll get to that later), and the establishment of a new shop space, the pictures associated with these posts make me look forward to more shop work. This project was completed with a limited amount of scrap metal – kart chain, a pulley plate, 2 ball bearings, and hanging file folder metal strip. I used tools like a grinder, hand tools, and (wait for it) a welder! I cut stuff, ground things off, formed things, and – you know – made the thing in the picture. I think I wanted to say something here about chain welding techniques – how about: chain welding is cool? Then there is the … blah-blah-blah, welding, art, junk metal, blah, blech! And wella! A snake is born!

(voice-over 3 … this is where I reflect on something) There is that morning time, when no one is up and I process all those thoughts that I generally put away for the day. Then there are those days where I oversleep and don’t get to process those thoughts and someone in my life gets to hear all the things that go through my head (if only my dog could talk – and thank God he can’t). That did happen this past weekend (voice-over 4 … wow, this was a long time ago). I have experienced those moments where my gauges of inappropriateness, have given me the ‘thumbs down’ simultaneously.

~~~ Back to current-day earth – it’s time to wander the world for a bit and see what’s happening out there. New people and new things to post about … and as the saying goes, if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. I think that people are fun but they are also predictably unpredictable (or crazy) – although this totally falls in line with the chaos theory (it exists – look it up). Maybe chaos is the universal force that holds everything together? Yeah, that’s deep – let’s go with a more general: op (aka – other people’s) dogs can be very annoying – why can’t everyone’s dog be like mine? Yep, enough random thoughts – so for now, let’s go on a road trip – weeew!! Until next time – do all the things, see all the stuff, and melt it/glue it/epoxy it/thread it … ON!