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A long time coming – The DWAP Designs LLC

As the saying goes – it’s time to stop messing around. The metal work that has occurred up to now has resulted in a lot of personal experience designing and creating metal and wood/metal stuff. It ultimately culminated in the design, development and creation of a fastener. The fastener was initially named: The Smart Fastener, because … well, why not?! That name is not being carried forward from a business perspective. As the picture for this post indicates, the fastener is more technically a sleeved, threaded nut. The next big step that happened involved patenting the fastener. The whole process was painstakingly slow, at least in my terms as I happen to be overtly impatient. I celebrated the patent victory during a particularly interesting life period. I am thankful for many things in my life and I am thankful for the wisdom that resulted. I am especially thankful to be living near the beach in South Carolina, which is where most of this post was written.

The time has come to work smarter and not harder. Part of the smarter directions includes a much more productive and intentional use of the internet. That pretty much means no more blogging (or at least much less focus on blogging) and and very focused effort on business. I have started The DWAP Designs LLC. It is a design and development company with a specific focus on specialty fastener designs. The business plan has been written and my company will take on the challenge of solving fastener problems. The company’s first product is the aforementioned sleeved, threaded nut. It is moving towards full blown (ok, how about ‘some level of’) production. Modified designs (to meet the end user’s needs) will be offered on the new business website, that is COMING SOON (will be something like I will update the progress of the website here until that one takes off.

I have learned many things about business and website development and management over the years with this site. While this site is not going away, it will go on the back burner (I will need to continue to have something that allows me to expel all the pent up jokes and venting). The business side will be a top-notch, full-on professional operation (don’t be surprised – I’m not joking). From this site’s perspective, I hope you were entertained. This next hiatus will be a longer one (even longer than the last). So for now I offer: be good, be smart, be wise, live life fantastically, love yourself and those in your life and … y’all bolt it up, screw it in, and Weld on!