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Chain heart

Yard Heart

theDWAP-2020-Chain heart-welded-metal-art
Chain heart

Ok, it’s siting in my garage, but it’s yard art, really! Another instance of running out of the dreaded TIG gas … so the MIG was broken back out for welding. It is a fun welder with the sparks and all, but not as neat and clean as the TiG. The project resources included a bucket of assorted metal chains that I had recently received/obtained during a house cleanout. And what does one do with a scrap brake rotor other than make it a base for a piece of yard art. It is definitely yard art as no one wants brake dust and rotor rust sprinkled around in their house. Why another heart, you may ask? Well, when looking for new projects online, the search for ‘junk metal art’ inevitably turns up heart-type examples. It just so happened that a chain heart appeared at this point in time, so why not?! (My answer to your proposed question to my aforementioned statement).

At this point in a post I usually describe the metal and fabrication steps. So without further adu – metal chain, brake rotor, MiG welded to perfection (yes, yay, or in Southern slang, yaaayh). BAM! Welded metal art was formed. The project also assisted with my shop scrap metal metal reduction plan.

Its been a while since my last post and not unlike my previous hiatus, life continues to be busy! I have had many moments of good intent meaning to get back to posting but there are so many things to do. Life, family, friends, my real job, and flying to name a few. I also started a new DWAP Designs venture designing and making live-edge tables – another moment of “… I want one, but good Lord that’s expensive! However, I think I can do that WAY cheaper!” The most recent personal accolade is that of patented inventor (toot-toot … that would be my own horn). What do I do in my spare time you may wonder? I like manicuring my grass with scissors, ruminating and debating politics, reading romance novels, and …. uh, NO! Sometimes I do eat foodstuffs and sleep. I may also be found studying for my next pilot certification and then I do stuff. So there – my life in a nutshell. I will conclude my ramblings with a thought – I have a website and I’m not afraid to use (or post to) it. This third rock from sun just needs to generate more hours so I have time to get to it. Until next time … Weld, and do stuff, on!