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Welded metal art cricket

Yiminy Cricket

Welded metal art cricket
Welded metal art cricket-in process
Welded metal art cricket-front

Well Yim-dog darnit! It’s not a dog or puppy or canine of any sort … yes, it’s a cricket! And it only took the scavenging of one useful tool in the shop to make it happen. Fortunately (or unfortunately, for the particular tool) the needle nose vise grips had seen better days since I began welding. The ‘needle nose’ portion of said tool had been somewhat melted as part of many earlier projects. I do believe those jaws reside on another project (likely the very early eagle) and the handles were all that remained. Obviously that made the handle susceptible to further scavenging. With the help of a drill and grinder, the body of Mr. Yiminy Cricket was … obtained (birthed, born or other maternally derived words just didn’t seem applicable here). The body look was actually very true to life, or my vision of a cricket, with the handle part of the pliers looking like wings and body of a cricket. It’s not a animated version, so no Disney suit or top hat was included. The scaly legs were easy to come by as metal screws were transformed into cool looking appendages. A few ball bearings and a small screw later (of course I’m talking about the eyes and a nose/mouth thingy) and Bam! He/she/they live, in an inanimate, metal art sort of way!

The welding part was performed using mostly TIG, with possibly a little MIG thrown in for good measure. As had/has been the case all along this process, I continue(d) to learn about welding. I would have hoped my skills would be growing faster than the rate of ideas for projects – but evidently there is still a lot to be learned about this welding thing. Melting metal together is one thing, but welding “pretty” is definitely an art form. I will say that the screws used for legs welded together quite nicely, at least for my version of welding. The rest of the welding, well yeah, I’m still learnin’. And how about the whole web site thing? I’m still learnin’ that too, mostly the hard way! If everything were just a little easier? Well, that’s a conversation to commiserate over a beer or two.

As I put a wrap on this post, I have got to say that the 24 hour day seems to have gotten shorter in the more recent years. Time flies and it just seems that there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Or, maybe I have a full plate – but busy is good … or is it good is busy? Idle time is the result of not being busy or good? Ok, enough of that. As the one that is nicknamed Yiminy has told me: When you wish upon a star … stop and smell the roses, enjoy life and those special people in it … and make sure that you Weld On!