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Vase metal flower set

Welded metal art – 2019-(unnumbered – yeah, I forgot) Project #24. In the process of working with the TIG machine I discovered that welding flowers became a little easier that it was with the MIG. Through a little online searching I found many examples of metal flora and decided to create my own version of a few of the flower examples. Getting in the zone (let’s call it being in the moment) does wonderful things in terms of personal creativity. It becomes quite the liberating and emotionally enjoyable exercise as time basically ceases to exist during the experience. I will say that these flowers came together rather quickly and before I knew it, I had made several. And the next thing I knew I had found a vase and suddenly … I had become a metal floral designer (who knew?!).

Two of the three flowers were created from the large cache metal washers I had (which was beginning to dwindle) anchored in the center with a cap screw. Since the washers I was working with were used (some more aggressively used than others), they were ‘pre-bent’. I decided to retain the as-is state of the washers because it presented a more natural, petal like form – and I didn’t feel like straightening them (double bonus). The stems were scavenged metal rod stock … from somewhere? The first washer flower had stem leaves made from ‘more’ bent washers (ok, I did bend those washers a little more). The other washer flower leaves were made from smaller rod stock and formed to look like leaves. The third flower was made from small nuts welded in a geometric shape. A much more mechanical looking flower, but a metal flower none the less. The same rod stock stem and metal washer leaves were included on this third version. And then, as previously mentioned, my creativity went into overdrive and I found a vase to in which to arrange the set. Flowers obviously need something in the vase to keep them fresh. Contrary to the typical thought, the proper base to add for metal flowers is – is nuts! Why would you add water (or soil) to a metal flower arrangement?! Although I may have added a flower fresh packet for good measure (you know, just in case). So there it was – my first metal flower arrangement. This piece actually wound up going to some old Navy friends. It was a great feeling to share – and even nicer that someone liked it!

I think this project provides a great example of being your own creator. Being in the moment and eliminating all the outside worries and life struggles frees your mind and enables quite the amount of creative energy (and time flies). Its about finding your zone and then going for it. Making your mark and creating … well, something. I decided it was going to be welded metal flowers in this case. So I say to you – find your moment, create, thrive, and Weld On!