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Daisy Duke

or A metal daisy … or flower of some sort
This daisy is missing something (very direct hint: stem leaves?)

Welded metal art – 2019-35, Project #52. I’ve made it … to the end of the internet … or at least to the end of 2019 (only took me halfway through 2020). In any case, it was time to weld. And what do you do when you want to weld but have no idea what to make? Yeah, I don’t know either – but I just started welding stuff together. I had a bunch of left over cap screws so why not make something geometrically pleasing (obviously I’m talking about something round/circular). And this piece is was the result. As I welded, I thought about all I was thankful for – having an ability to express myself artistically, wonderful people in my life, family, friends, health, clarity, peace … welding gear, and maybe a cool drink of some kind (no, I don’t mean Fireball). This is not going to be a long post (stop cheering). Time to wrap this thing up and look towards a great new year. This site will be going through some regrouping and revamping in the very near future. Time to fix some things and grow.

Parts? Yep, cap screws welded around a rather large nut. And then a pre-bent rod that served as the stem. Oh yeah, some washers for the flower leaves. And you guessed it … they were all TIG welded together. ‘Nuff said.

It was done … the simple project and 2019. And now, here I am at a transition – time to make things better, with a clarified scope and intent. If it was easy, everyone would do it … eh, not sure that applies here. How about: it will all be worth it in the end. Hmm, not sure about that either. This whole thing (including this website and blog … and life) is kind of like putting a puzzle together. But from the backside – yeah, give it a try. Every piece has a specific place, but it is not always clear where it belongs until it just falls into place. The closer you get, the fewer ‘unknown’ pieces you have and the faster it goes (another good life analogy?). You know that the picture on the other side is going to be amazing … well, as long as you pick a puzzle with an awesome picture, but you will not be able to see it until you get it all together. OK, OK, enough life stuff – back to welding and blogging and stuff. With that I say: make it, put out the fires, smile at it, love it, post it, be your own champion … and Weld On!