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TIG welded puppy dog made from nuts, scrap metal, bolts, and ball bearings

Wrapping up the Presents

A pig … just kidding, it’s a puppy dog.
Hopefully the ears make this one obvious

Welded metal art – 2019-33 and 34, Project #50 and #51. Time to just about wrap-up 2019 with two more presents for the grandkids. These were specific requests so obviously the option became mandatory. The structure of the pieces were generally representations of similar internet items, adjusted accordingly based on the available metals and materials I had in the shop. The primary challenge with these projects were the size – lots of work in a very small space. Like building the proverbial ship in a bottle (minus the ship … and the bottle, but with the little pieces). I was ready to take on 2020 with fervor, or feeling – either one … or both. The future of welding was looking bright and so many things on the horizon to be grateful for. Accept it for all that it is – including the smell of burnt metal impregnated into the skin on my fingertips. Accepting and preparing for the hazards of flying sparks (fire extinguished now on hand), which adds to the overall ambiance (ooh, good word) of this venture. Maybe I need to light some candles and play some Beethoven (pronounced “beeth – oven” in my shop)? Nah – I’ll go with welding flash and some AC-DC … or maybe a little MC Hammer (can’t touch this – break out the crazy pants and funky dance moves). In any case – let’s do this.

The main parts for both projects were various sized nuts, and a few bolts, placed and TIG welded to form the necessary profiles of said dog and rabbit. Small ball-bearings were welded into the eye sockets of each piece to make them look like … yep, eyes. The tricky welds for the dog were the ears – not sure where I scavenged that metal, but it was some sort of tab thing. And the tongue – yet another small piece of metal in the metal box. As can be seen, the legs were bolts, and the tail was a piece of rod stock. BAM! Dog done. The rabbit had its own challenges … mostly with the whiskers. Welding additional whiskers generally melted the existing whiskers off. So this became a ‘single whisker’ rabbit. The rabbit ears were kart carburetor reed cage supports (not sure if that is the exact technical term, but for those familiar with reed cages, you’ll get it). BAM (#2)! Rabbit done.

There we have it – 2020 on the doorstep. The dog and rabbit were “wrapped”, in gift bags, and placed under the tree ready for the day of giving. I am making progress (albeit slowly) on getting caught up on these posts to current day. Feeling the vibration and energy that is this experience and ready to make the next year a great one. I had one more quick welding project in me for 2019 (still a few days left). The shop was my place to get-away without having to go anywhere. Acceptance and gratitude for what is to come. Keeping it easy – easy to think and feel positively and move forward with greatness. Oh, feeling pretty awesome right now! Somebody get me a drink (no Fireball – that stuff is the devil)! Lots of ideas on welding projects for 2020 … and a few welcome surprises to come too. For now, just do it (Nike style), know it (like Bo), attract it (like Abraham and Joe), just feel it (like you) … and Weld On!