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Lion Head Welding Project

Welded metal art – 2018 project #5. The next in the line of flux core welding projects – still early on in my welding learning progress. I did learn that it would be interesting to take in-process photos (hmmm, imagine that!) so there is a photo of the early planning stages of the project. The majority of the pieces came from the blades of the heavy yard rake, along with the blade spacers that turned out to be very useful in forming the eyes of the Lion Head. The snout was formed from brackets obtained from a hand held yard edger tool, cut into strips and formed to outline the nose/snout between the Lion’s eyes and mouth. The rest of the materials are iron rods leftover from previous projects. Small nuts were welded into the spacers to finish the eyes, and while it is hard to see, there are ears made from other scrap metal (possibly washer halves – I can’t remember everything). The motivation was lion head pictures online and the pieces kind of fell into place as the project developed. I do believe I had a new welding helmet with an auto-darkening screen – a huge addition to the repertoire of welding materials and equipment in the shop. It also became evident at this point that the pieces that were being created, while fun to put in the house, they were starting to accumulate. I started posting items on Facebook, and to my surprise, there was interest in them. So things started to move adding to my interest in producing things. I did find that there can be a significant difference in the vision of the product and the actual end product. I figured a product was successful if it could actually be identified by someone other than me. There were several items that not even I could identify as I worked on them, and, they were relegated back to the scrap metal pile. Enjoy!