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Time for a Change

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OK, it’s been a while since my last post. What can I say, I’ve been busy! I’ve started a couple of really cool hobbies, and gone through a couple of interesting life situations. I’ve attempted to steer clear of politics (as much as possible). So no worries here – I won’t be pushing a political agenda, only my own self-serving topics of discussion. In any case, I did hire a professional to assess this website a few months ago. And Wow! The resulting assessment was … well, pretty ugly. And I thought it was all going so well?! Ok, so I have areas needing improvement … lots of areas. Yeah, like the whole basis of the website. Can you say “Overhaul?” – alright, that was rhetorical. I also decided to hire a professional in web designer to help me update the look and physical format of the website. And I got a bonus with a slightly improved version of my logo (see the picture associated with this page).

After the recovery of the shock that my website/blog was without a useable basis, I decided to implement and operational change. The change in operations was based on the question: “What’s my point?” That question referred to the point of the posts and the blog? I’ve reflected on the past year or so and I did enjoy getting the website off the ground, showing welding skill progress, and sharing some experiences. But the time has come to open this website and make it more of an information sharing forum that resembles a blog. The new intent is to incorporate discussions and provide suggestions on how to weld dissimilar (or any kind of) metals together in a visually pleasing way. The focus will be on welding methods that culminate in a project that incorporates the best of the discussed methods. This is going to be fun because I said so (in my best dad voice) – yes, learning can be fun! I’ll add in some personal thoughts and information along the way – hey, it’s my web page and blog, so I get to do that.

OK then, here we go! Time to open this thing up and let ‘er rip! I’ll make sure we all play along nicely – this ain’t high school (electronic bully’s will be quashed). So keep it fun and professional. Looking for some great and input from the awesome welders out there. Welcoming feedback, welding tips, or just plain old help on problems. Let the games begin, and as the saying goes (at least on this website) … Weld On!