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An Awesome Eagle

War Eagle!
The basis
In process

Welded metal art – 2018 project #15. After dismantling the go-kart clutches in my metal bin, I wound up with a pile of clutch bolts. Using some internet inspiration and a newfound skill in welding screws and bolts together, this Eagle seemed like a good next project. MIG welding the bolts together continued to be a little bit of a sloppy process until I finally got the settings right for affixing the bolts in the desired pattern. The ends of the wings obviously (at least to me) needed some flare. So a little heat and bending of the outer bolts added a good look to the wing tips. I filled the spaces between the clutch bolts with grade 8 (or maybe 7, or 9, but I’m pretty sure they were 8 …) cap screw pieces. The body was a handle cut from an adjustable pipe wrench … boy, I hope that I didn’t have any immediate plumbing emergencies! It’s OK, I know where the water shutoff is and the number for a good plumber. Back to the project – the tail feathers were made from shorter clutch bolts and the feet from cap screws, with the heads cut off and heated to bend into a claw shape. Then on to the head. I used two of the cap screw heads that were cut off for the claws, ground to shape, for the eyes. The beak was made from the ends of a pair of needle-nose locking pliers (man, I need to quit cutting up my tools!). The small pieces and fine welding for the head were definitely a challenge with my MIG machine.

This project was just noodled up on a whim, with a little shout out to ‘Merica! Or, a shout out to those Auburn fans out there. Being patient and using the adjustable straight edge on the welding table helped keep the project straight, and a steady eye (and a little cutting and re-welding) helped with the symmetry. I was closing in on the end of 2018 at this point and ready for a great new year! But I still had one project to go with what would turn out to be my nemesis, but also my favorite project. Keep steady and weld on!