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Christmas Joy

Should I keep it on my toolbox …
Or my mantle?
So much joy!

Welded Metal Art – 2018 project #13 and #14. A request! And then a second request! While it may not be easy to discern from the photos, there are two different but nearly identical projects presented (yes, I can reproduce some things if there are enough materials). After separating the washers from the nuts and bolts in my bin, I did have a significant accumulation of allen head cap screws (apologies for incorrectly calling them cone-head bolts in previous posts) and nylon lock nuts. The request in this case was to weld up something that said “Joy” so after a little thinking, this is what I came up with. The initial thought was to MIG weld the screws together with the nylon lock nuts installed … bad idea! Nylon does melt and burn – only a small fire but a messy small fire. New plan: install the nuts after welding the screws together (see, I can be smarter than the project, sometimes). It then became a process of just forming the letters and making it look like Joy and not Jay. The final step was to affix the nuts on the end of the screws, which actually afforded the ability to stand the piece upright and level.

I enjoyed making my first requested piece although I found that I had been randomly selecting projects up to this point based on trying to envision it with the available metal in my bin. Starting out with a deliberate project in mind was a new challenge, but I think it worked out in the end. FYI – if your mother sees something that you made for someone else on FB, be prepared to duplicate it for her. I hope everyone had a happy holiday season – now back to work! And weld on!