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And on the Eighth Day …

The package from Amazon
Torch assembly instructions
Torch assembled – check!
Power supply – check!
All assembled – check (check, check, check)!
Let the games begin

On that day, the god of metal unions created TIG welding. At this point in my welding career I was ready try some new equipment. And new equipment I received namely in the form of a TIG welding machine, thanks to Amazon. Along with the new equipment came a steep learning curve. This was especially true for someone that was still learning about welding and self-teaching himself through the process (YouTube is a great resource – I wonder if it is possible to get a degree completely off of YouTube resources … but I digress). The immediate lesson with the TIG was that one must locate a welding supply store to obtain the necessary shield gas and gas regulator. I was lucky enough to find a store nearby me – issue resolved and checked off the list. Lesson number two was a little more interesting. The torch required some assembly. After a little puzzle solving, I had the torch assembled. One step closer to melting some metal! Check that item off the list. After a little more research I had the gas flow set, the tungsten sharpened, leads connected to the welder, the welder settings adjusted, and the ground clamped on. While some of these items were not initially on my list, I added them anyway so I could check them off. I know at least one person who can appreciate the joys of that checking things off the list!

So there I sat, welding helmet on and torch in hand. Yes, I had my welding gloves on! I know you were probably thinking it. A quick review of the checklist – check marks verified! Let us begin … and, all I get is baby sparks. More research and a few calls to other welder friends lead me to a call to Amazon to rectify the faulty broken welder they sent me. Fortunately (and amazingly) I got a call back and it turns out that it was a simple swap of the leads. It also turns out in my haste to get to it, I failed to read the fine print that specifically identified my mistake. After the quick switch of the leads – BAM! I have ignition! So began the new era of TIG welding in my shop.

There you have it. Expand your horizons, add new tools, check things off your list, and test yourself. Make the most of every opportunity, enjoy the successes, make sure to read the fine print, and never give up. Time to get busy with the TIG machine – enjoy and weld on!