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Welded metal art – 2019-5 Project #21. Continuing on with the underwater theme, a dolphin seemed to be a logical next effort. That leads to the question – does logic apply to art? Can an engineer think artistically? Hmmm, too much thinking – back to the piece. Looking at internet pictures of dolphins helped with the initial design as the dolphin silhouette can closely resemble a shark, which is still in line with an underwater theme but not the intended subject here. So a little effort and intent in forming the shape was necessary.

I continued on with the use of old used kart chain as the outline of the dolphin. Yes, I do have quite a bit of used up kart chain – what can I say, I drive hard. I was starting to perfect the effort of MIG welding the chain links together (with minimal globs) to make a solid shape and while retaining the visual characteristics of the chain. The tail and lower fins were formed from some pieces of an old lawnmower blade and welded into place. A rod piece and old 4-cycle engine flywheel served as the stand/base. Yep, the flywheel was pretty heavy so I would give this yard art piece a high wind stability status – pretty much a hurricane status, it is not going anywhere! As I neared the end of the project, it was still missing something, and after some serious thought (ok, I took a beer break), I figured out the finishing touch. I pulled out a few pieces of metal strapping from the metal bin and cut/formed them into waves that added a little fun to the visual image. Who doesn’t love to see dolphins playing in the water! The final thought after the completion of this piece was – hey, I don’t have a personal burn (or fire) story to share … is that a good sign? I believe my fingers would say, yes!

And there it was! Another finished product that did resemble my original vision. Having recently observed a dolphin interaction experience, I have a different appreciation of this piece now that I look back on it. There are many things that can serve as reminders of fun and wonderful times in life. Life is about the journey – cherish the experiences and memories. Oh yeah … and weld on!!

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  1. Bob Wheeler

    Well done sir, well done

  2. TheDan

    Just a little note to all – I had a little problem with comments up to now, but thanks to the magic of internet searches (and deactivation of the offending plug-in) the comment posting issue has been fixed! Enjoy!

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