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Another throwback – Cincy Skyline

Welded metal art – 2018 project #3. As my welding skills slowly and steadily improved, my life necessitated a general cleanup, and so did my garage. Instead of throwing any excess junk metal in the trash, I started a scrap metal bin. Included in the bin were several old lawn mower blades (not sure why I kept them as of then, but I was glad I did). As far as welding, I was learning that it was much easier to place a nice MIG weld on a flat piece of metal … however joining two pieces of metal was not quite as easy. For motivation on this piece, I used a picture of the Cincy skyline. The creative process also incorporated a sad, lonely, and barely used grinder/cutting wheel. It was put to use in a grand way cutting the pieces from the blades. The dome of the tower was made from a shoe form, and turned out rather nice, but was another challenging weld as it was much thinner than the blades. The most enjoyable part was near the end of the project when the Reds stadium and lights were overlaid on the buildings. I think it turned out fairly well given my experience at the time!