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Ferris Wheel

Welded metal art – 2018 project #4. This was another early creation that incorporated the wheel from the ‘sacrificial’ yard art wheel barrow. I figured I missed it in the Cincy skyline piece and found the pieces that just “fit” for this round of welding. The baskets were cut down and shaped using the blades obtained from a heavy yard rake. Still using the flux core welding application on the MIG machine at this point. This was as much creative assembly (along with cutting and grinding) as it was welding. The welding was becoming more comfortable at this point and was as much a challenge holding things in place to weld as it was to actually weld. Learning that holding things with my bare fingers may not consistently be the best way to go … especially if I wanted to maintain an intact set of fingerprints (which made accessing my iPhone a daily challenge), a good pair of welding gloves is a much better way to go!