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Attempt at a Waterfall

The image
Ohh, lights!

Welded metal art – 2018 project #6. As one lets the creativity flow, it is quite possible to imagine many wonderful projects. Just melt that metal together and BAM! A masterpiece! However, understanding personal limitations at the early point of learning a new process (in my case, welding), is a key concept in going down the creativity path with minimal frustration. So while the confidence was there, the skills were not. I soon realized that just because the resulting early projects went over well enough to identify the end product, that level of success was not always going to be the case. At this early point, in a moment of divine creativity (and internet searching), I found a waterfall picture and envisioned a visually pleasing end product. Making use of lawn mower blades and left-over iron rod pieces (remember the wheel barrow?), work began assembling the scenic view. As I ground and welded my way through the project and the piece came together it became very evident that scene was not developing – at least nothing like my vision. It continued to exist as a bunch of lawnmower blade pieces welded to a frame. Hmmm, why not insert some pretty little trees (shout-out to Bob Ross)? Obviously, the piece need some masterfully arranged lights to serve as the waterfall (lights make everything better, right?!). Alas, in the end the ‘Waterfall Project’ went back on the scrap pile. But it was another chance to learn and move my welding skills forward. So here’s to anyone that is being creative, shrugging off the critics, embracing the challenge, and learning from every situation. Move on to weld another day!