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Necessary Additions

Yep, it’s a heater
It did take a bit to realize this need – welding gloves!

Welded metal art – 2018. To get over the frustration of an unsuccessful project, why not buy some stuff for the shop? So I did! And these items – a heater and welding gloves – were some of the best additions since I had started the hobby. It was amazing to find out how much the welding gloves stifled the spurious cursing in the shop. I do believe I can speak on behalf of all my newly protected appendages (I mean my fingers) when I say … what took so long?! But I consider that to also mean “Thank you!” And since the “shop” is a garage in heated garage space attached to my home, heat allowed the venture to comfortably continue into the winter months. So welding at this point was not just about the welder and learning skills, but also about setting up the shop and collecting support equipment. It was time to move on to the next project! Weld away!