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Enter – the Horse Head

The finished product
The layout
The layout – part 2
Making progress
Major progress

Welding metal art – 2018 project #10. Confidence building, welding skills improving, scrap metal bin filling … so time to try this – a horse head. As can be seen from the early photos, this piece incorporated many different metal pieces. Some old wrenches and wrench pieces (and other stuff) were used to form the outline of the head, mouth, nose and eyes. A go-kart engine clutch drum completed the jaw outline. The curved metal rod handles from the ole’ former yard art wheel barrow outlined the horse head neck (I liked the way the handle curls looked at the bottom of the neck – a lucky coincidence). A handsaw was then cut into strips, heated with a torch to twist and form, and welded on to the back of the neck as the flowing mane. Finally, a chain embellishment was added to the mane, just because it seemed to add to the mane and tie it all together. Definitely a challenge from a MIG welding perspective as there were many different metal types and thicknesses to weld together. And cutting the hand saw blade into strips presented its own challenge – don’t try this at home kids (and if you do, at least ask your parents before cutting up their only shop hand saw)! I selected my own personal hand saw because the only purpose it had served over the many years it was in my possession was as an odd musical instrument – yes, you can bend/arc a hand saw and make sounds with it (check it out on YouTube). It was also immediately apparent that bending and twisting the saw blade pieces would require torch heating as simply trying to bend them into shape only resulted in cracks and breaks (learning a lot about metal forming with heat in this project). I probably could have added a lot more filler material but the additions seemed to be sufficient to complete the intended end product.

I really liked making this project – one of the larger projects I had made to this point. It currently resides with my granddaughter as a decoration in her room. I was finding that most of the projects I was making were not going to be able to be remade because of the limited availability of the source materials (so I cancelled my production line thoughts). Given that, I can’t really respond to “Oh! Make me one of those!” requests. But I consider the originality a good thing! Enjoy, and weld on!