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Giddy-up – Horsehead

The finished product
In process

Welded metal art – 2019-21 Project #38. Life has been interesting lately in the current day, as I am sure everyone is experiencing, but I have finally found time to make another post. Here goes – at this point in my welding career(?), I was finished with the personal present requests and ready to try something completely different. Ohhh … gotcha, one more. A request to recreate a one-off project – a horse head. I had already scavenged my only hand saw for the original horse head mane (still not missing that saw – it appears that was a good choice). So one serious question for the new horse head was what to use as the mane. I still had some curled/curved metal rod ends from the long-gone, yard art wheel barrow. It was time to become creative … wait I already said that? How about – I got this! Hmm, that one too? Ok, I have one … yee-haw! In any case, the metal rod material that I had on hand was just enough to form a new horse head – the project was falling into place. Not much else to say about that! I would imagine you find that surprising considering my ability to ramble in these blogs, but hey … alright, I will refrain (for now).

It turns out the remaining wheel barrow rod pieces, that were nicely curled and curved, were going to work very nicely for the mane and the jaw line based on the initial layout. The curled rods gave a nice whispy (spell check – really?) look to the mane. A random rod piece that was in the shop worked perfectly for the remainder of the bottom jaw outline. The materials were cut to shape and TIG welded together – the outline was finished. I used a cup spacer and a rounded bolt head TIG welded into the center of the spacer to form the eye. A piece of scrap flat metal was shaped and welded in to serve as the ear (only one – it’s a profile). This turned out to be a quick piece that was ready for the customer … yeah, that sounded good. Still working on the whole customer thing – in time.

And there it was – a pony! It wasn’t Christmas and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an alternative to a real pony for some little girl – if it was, apologies … maybe next year? Another request finished and a rather quick response. I was now ready for a step it up with my own personal challenges. Time to get really – creative (shut it). I had found quite a few new ideas from some internet searching and was ready to take them on. When life gives you lemons, make … stuff. Be courageous, be brave, be a little silly – let’s ride! Weld on!