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Keeping it simple – A Heart

Welded metal art – 2018 project #7. It was time to break it down to simpler tasks and welds. I had a pile of spacers leftover from the heavy yard rake and I tossed them on the welding table and they landed in this exact shape! OK, well, not really – it took some internet searches, and after a little bit of arranging I formed a heart shape, which seemed to be a good way to get back into the swing of things after the less than successful waterfall scene. The task at hand still presented a challenge in the form of thin metal welding. It was very easy to burn a hole in the spacers instead of welding them together. There was also the issue with holding the pieces in the correct position while trying to strike an arc. After some variations in MIG welder speeds and power, the correct settings were determined to support the appropriate welds to complete the piece. And why just make a heart shape – that was too easy. A piece of rod stock and some metal pieces, cut and ground to the appropriate size and shape, were added to form the arrow through the heart. Success! Back on the horse (so to speak) with a project that went and looked as planned.

It was a lesson in taking things back to basics and finding success in the basics. In the end it was a lesson that creatively thinking outside the box is good, but continuing to weld and develop the skills that will keep this hobby rolling is better. Take your time, prepare, breathe, and weld on!