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The Owl

Did someone say who?

Welded metal art – 2018 project #11. Still working various projects and I decided to try an owl. Still MIG welding at this point and it was time to start using the abundance of washers in the metal pile. The washers turned out to work very effectively as owl feathers in this case. Metal rod stock formed the frame of then owl body – yes, from the good ole’ sacrificial yard art wheel barrow. The head was cut from flat metal stock originally designated as a small kart tire rack. Ridges were cut in the head piece to resemble the head feathers. Washers, cupped spacers, and nuts were welded together to form the owl eyes. The beak was cut and shaped from a metal piece leftover from a previous project. It was actually the last piece added to the owl project – I almost forgot about the beak (a bird has to eat)! The wings were cut and ground into shape from the brackets of a hand yard edger. The feet were formed from cone head bolts, heated to curl around another piece of rod stock serving as the branch the owl was perched on.

I’m sensing the development of a style by now and the style is to configure scrap metal pieces into something ‘artful’ rather than taking flat metal stock and forming it into shapes. I hadn’t come up with “rat rod” style metal art as an explanatory term, but I will eventually come to that conclusion. I also realized the need to mark and number projects for various reasons, but namely because that’s what artist do (and I guess I’m an ‘artist’ at this point)? This owl project went to a friend who gave it to his daughter as a present – she collects owl figurines. The welding metal art projects were coming together nicely and there was still more ideas to try, and new equipment to add to the arsenal. Life is good – weld on!