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It was time for these

It’s time to take a minor step back – bear with me for a few minutes, and then we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming. After adding the TIG to the shop (and way more welding power), it was time to step up and add some other tools to the arsenal. Tools that truly align with the future goals of this venture. It was time to evolve – no more cave-man antics in the shop (Ok, maybe I still grunt like Tim the toolman Taylor every now and then). Even if the shop cavemen was/is a little funny, I’m sure it is as old for you as it was getting for me. And when I say cave-man I mean seeing the fire and touching it (over and over) only to figure out that it is hot! The basis of this in my shop is the use of my ‘hand-clamp’. I needed to be forward thinking and quit reproducing the less than surprising same blistered finger results. So the slightly smarter engineer/caveman in me went to the local hardware store, and low-and-behold, I found tools specifically designed to hold welding projects in place while one welds. Well, imagine that!! For a nominal fee, I was graced with finger saving technology and emboldened to embark on a bright new future! This added to an exciting new future in my welding career. I couldn’t wait to try these new tools out in the shop and as a matter of fact, they would be used in the very next project.

It is safe to say that my experiences in welding up to this point correlate very well to some personal life experiences and lessons. It is also safe to say that living in auto is living in the past and the routine just becomes the ‘way it is’. And, breaking that routine, maintaining a wisdom of the past, and a focusing on the present-future emboldens the possibility of a countless number of new (and totally freakin’ awesome) realities. Of course in the case of my welding post, I mean looking forward using all these cool new tools in the shop!! I am ready to take on the next project with vigor and excitement – so I say ye … weldeth on!!