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To TIG or not to TIG ….

… that is the question. Way back in the end of 2019, I transitioned to 2020 (project 2020-1) with a ‘new’ daisy. This project incorporated the use of concrete nails (short and long) around a bolt head, rod stock, a spacer (center of the daisy … and possibly a poor welding disguise), washers for the stem leaves, and a plate for the base. This project was TIG welded, but I did consider MIG welding because of the varying thicknesses of material and the desire to prevent melting holes instead of welding the parts together.

It’s now 2021 (and well into 2021), which is one pandemic, several face masks, a new bicycle, a private pilot’s license, and a new house past where I was when I first started this post. But I think I’m still on track to update this site to a new format. I’ll keep trying until it makes it to publishing … and hopefully that happens this year. So how about a thought provoking question (because, well, why not?!) – when does one choose TIG vs. MIG welding? I’ve pretty much totally reverted to TIG since I got the new TIG machine, but I can see the benefit of MIG welding in certain situations. I can see circumstances where one is clearly better than the other in the welded metal art arena. I am wondering if others have a decision making sequence or flow in deciding to use one over the other? I do prefer TIG because of the ability to control the feed material as opposed to MIG welding, but that may be a result of the quality of the MIG machine I currently have. MIG welding does seem to have a bit more ‘sloppiness’ associated with it (sparks, globs of feed … and the occasional clothing fire). I have seen quite a few social media feeds with many very nice looking welds using both types. Not sure if this will generate any momentum as far as a discussion – but here we go!

My last thought as I try to wrap my head around getting this site going again is, growth. I think expanding an idea beyond “the box” (or a box … you, know thinking outside the box), and growing a mediocre idea into something greater is a good plan. Make those things work out for you. I expanded this welded metal art thing into another area, which I’ll include here on the site soon. I like to noodle on things but I intend on not taking 6 months (or more) between posts (that’s a little too much thinking and not enough doing). So here’s to growth … oh yeah, and Weld (and sand some wood – hint) On!

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  1. Kim

    Though I don’t have anything to add to the TIG vs MIG discussion, welcome back! It’s good to see you blogging again!

    1. The Dan

      Thank you! The rainy day was a perfect one to get back to this site. Thanks for your support, and everything you are!

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