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The First Flower

Welded metal art – 2018 project #9. At this point in time, with the recent cache of washers, a whole new possibility of artistic creations were realized. Still MIG welding at this point, rod stock was used for the stem, and curled ends compressed into leaf shapes for the flower leaves. Enter the era of washer welding – with a cone head bolt welded into to center washer of the flower that was also welded to the stem. It went together rather fast. A little grinding to clean it up and it was complete. After posting this item on social media, I quickly realized that welded flora could be a sellable item (dirty towel sold separately). The more intensive internet search for examples of welded metal flowers was on! After a little search effort I discovered that there are many examples of metal floral art online. It was something to keep in mind going forward. But I was ready for something bigger.

Sorry to say, for those reading this, this one was already designated for m’lady. However, I have recently received additional metal that can be used as flower stock, so future flowers are now a reality – all you have to do is ask!