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Welded metal art – 2018. Still posting throwbacks for this welding metal art blog that happened At the beginning of my venture with one of the first successful scrap metal runs (I’m working on catching up to current day projects)! The delivery of more metal for the the scrap metal bin, a welcome relief to the Mustang nervously sitting in the garage (I could tell by the way it idled). Many thanks to my business owner friend for the contribution! I received scrap in the form of metal framing, brake discs, old 4-cycle engine parts and clutches, and other random metals. The most immediately useful part of the haul was a large box of nuts, bolts and … washers! And when I say washers, I mean the mother load of various sized washers. I would soon learn that the washers, with their own challenge relating to forming, molding and welding, had a wide variety of uses in making artistic creations. After a little effort to dismantle the 4-cycle crankshafts, I also had a collection of bearings that were also very useful in future projects.

Someone else’s junk pile could be your gold mine. In some cases, all you have to do is ask (and maybe do a little pestering). I’m always keeping my eye open for metal – if you are thinking about throwing out those old, nasty washers or used up bearings, let me know!

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