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The Tree of Life

The finished product
The basis
In process

This particular project was a suggestion from a special person in my life. The first picture was the inspiration for the format of the piece. The need to go out and find more (free) scrap metal at this time in my hobby was a definite necessity to mitigate the desire to cannibalize useful tools and metal in my garage. And yes, while I occasionally glanced in the direction of the ‘metal pile’ in the form of a Ford Mustang sitting in the other garage bay, the car never really (well, maybe once) entered my mind as possible source of metal for a project. Keeping my focus on the available scrap metal in my bin, I envisioned the possibility of shaping the leaves from the curled ends of that had been cut off of rod pieces from the sacrificial yard art wheel barrow. The pieces were formed using my shop vice by compressing the curls into a closed loop. Longer rod pieces were MIG welded to other metal scrap pieces to form the trunk of the tree and main branches – leftover metal pieces from the lion head project and the Cincy skyline project. The leaves were MIG welded to longer branches/rods, which was a tedious welding process. It turned out to be a simple project but I was gaining momentum for something more elaborate.

Keeping with the spirit of the tree – find your inspiration! Make the most most of every opportunity, enjoy the beauty of simple things, and of course, weld on!